peter w gilroy

from the mountains to the bench...

Testimonials from Customers

2 tone damascus ring.jpg

"Hey Peter,

I received the ring[sandstone damascus] and earrings[granite crack flake] I ordered and I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with how both pieces turned out!

I have never been one to wear jewellery as I felt that it never really represented my lifestyle, as we spend the majority of our time out in the mountains. This being said, it makes me happy to say that I feel the ring you made actually represents my lifestyle, as it provides a combination of beauty and ruggedness, the exact two things that have always drawn me to the mountains.

My soon to be wife saw your work, and you will likely be receiving an order from her in the near future.

Anyways, thank you Peter for the awesome artwork!"

                                                                                       -Graham M.

"I loved it and so did Steve! Thank you so very much! I hope you took photos of both bolas before you sent them.  Both boys loved the one I got Steve.

I gave you a plug on face book w/ a link to your website and a photo of the bola.  It is amazing!

A thousand thanks!"                                     -Diana K. Tempe, AZ [custom bolo tie]


I received the ring and it's amazing. Thank you so much for your work!"

                                                        -Spencer A. (Custom Sandstone Damascus Ring)


"Thank you so much for rolling with my ideas and coming up with a beautiful design! Caitlin loved it and so did everyone else. You created a unique ring that I am proud to have presented to her."                             -Ryan. S (custom engagement ring)

"Seconding Ryan's thanks!! I love everything about your craft and this ring. I am going to love wearing this every day!! THANK YOU"

                                                         -Caitlin H. (receiver of custom engagement ring)