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Abstract Crack Inlay Bolo Tie
  • $325.00

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One-of-a-kind Damascus bolo tie with texture inspired by sandstone cliffs as a background to Kingman turquoise cut into a sterling silver bezel.  Extra long bolo cord can be worn in the classic style or doubled up as a choker style bolo.  Sterling silver sandstone texture bolo ends.
Creek Bolo Tie
  • $370.00
Desert Sunset Bolo
  • $250.00
Desert Yucca Bolo
  • $250.00
Luna Bolo
  • $490.00
Monument Valley Bolo
  • $195.00
Monument Valley Midnight Bolo
  • $295.00

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Moonstone Granite Petite Bolo
  • $350.00
Mountain Sunrise Bolo
  • $320.00
Mountain Tapestry Bolo
  • $1,800.00
Sandstone Damascus and Pietersite Bolo Tie
  • $1,800.00

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Stacked Bolo
  • $290.00