Frequently Asked Questions

We will send you a ring sizer immediately after a ring purchase. For custom rings, you will be sent the ring sizer after paying your custom jewelry design fee. Please keep in mind that most of these rings are made to order and, depending on the ring, the size cannot be changed easily. We are happy to help you with a resize for an additional fee.

It is very important that you don't wear your ring while doing anything where you could damage your finger or get the ring stuck on your finger. Most metals are hard to cut off and a ring that, for example, catches on your handlebars when you endo, can damage much skin and ligaments in your hand. EEk.

But at the bar that night while you tell the story of your gnarly endo? ... yes wear it then!

Wrist Circumference

Extra-Small- 5-5.5in - 12.7-14cm

Small - 5.5-6in - 14-15.2cm

Medium -6-6.5in - 15.2-16.5cm

Large - 6.5-7in- 16.5-17.8cm

Extra-Large- 7-7.5in - 17.8-19cm

XX-Large- 7.5-8.5in - 19-20.3cm

Measure your wrist across the widest part of your wrist, ideally where the bump of your wrist bone is.

To put on a cuff bracelet, start further up your arm (above the wrist bone bump). Press one end of the bracelet into the underside of your wrist and rotate it on before sliding it down toward your hand. It should not be forced but should also not fall off easily.

The universal method for assessing the quality of diamonds is known as the 4c’s;
cut, color, clarity, and carat. A well-cut diamond is cut to direct light
through the crown of the Diamond. Color  refers to the lack of color in a
Diamond and ranges from icy white colorless (D) to very light yellow (Z). It is
very difficult to tell the color grade of a stone unless the diamonds are
compared side by side. Clarity has 11 grades ranging from flawless to included.
The clarity I work with most frequently is SI or “slightly included”. The
Diamond carat is how much the Diamond weighs.

If you are sized with one of my ring sizers, I offer one free resizing within the first two months after you receive your custom ring. After that (or if you did not use one of my ring sizers) the resizing fee is generally $100-400 depending upon the ring and its complexity.