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Customizable pieces are existing designs that you can "customize" with your own mountain or landscape design, or with a different type, color, or size of stone. They don't require a design fee and shipping is in 3-4 weeks!

9 products found in Customizable Designs

Zirconium Skyline Ring
  • From $1,200.00
Dusk Skyline Ring
  • From $1,100.00
Starry Night Skyline Ring
  • From $1,900.00
Wide Tension Set Diamond Ring
  • $1,450.00
Arete Ring - Sandstone Damascus Steel
  • From $750.00
Gold Granite Engagement Ring
  • From $1,550.00
Classic Gold-lined Damascus Band
  • $1,600.00
Triple Tension Set Diamond Ring
  • $1,500.00
Skyline Tension-Set Ring
  • $3,500.00