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I can work with you to explore all of the realms of working with a Hydraulic Press to increase productivity and open up worlds of new techniques and possibilities. We can cover fundamentals like forming bracelets and rings, or get into the world of deep draw, die-making, die-stamping and so much more. Are you interested in working with contemporary and exotic materials? I can teach you all about working with niobium,  titanium, zirconium, and damascus steel, (plus anodizing for reactive metals as well). Pricing is $75/hour. Book now at the above link and then pay for the class at this link, If you want more than a one-hour class please pay for however many hours of training you would like.

I grew up working in the summers for my uncle, Master Goldsmith G. Phil Poirier. In 2009 I started working at Bonny Doon Tools, making and designing tools for the hydraulic press. I released my first line of jewelry shortly thereafter. In 2010 I started teaching alongside G. Phil Poirier and have continued to teach hydraulic forming techniques and Die Making across the country. In the last 13 years I have pushed the limits of the hydraulic press and steel dies, making jewelry out of tough contemporary metals like titanium, Damascus stainless steel, and zirconium. I have also worked extensively in silver and gold, forming rings, bracelets, bezels, vessels, and more. In 2017 G. Phil Poirier and I assembled all of our knowledge and research into a paper all about Die Making for the Santa Fe Symposium, click here to read the paper. In 2018 I followed up on our Die Making paper with some more experimental methods for die making, click here to read that.

I teach classes around the country in Hydraulic Forming and Die Making and also offer private classes in Taos, NM or via Zoom.


Washington DC - Spring 2024 - Die Making